Miriana recommends that all brides book in for their own personalized makeup design consultation.

The trial is designed to discuss, test and perfect the overall desired style, taking into consideration your individual needs.

In doing so, this will relieve the tension of not knowing what look you want to achieve for the big day, ensuring a smooth and stress free morning.

It also gives the opportunity to meet and get to know one another. The preparation is a beautiful experience that is fun and exciting.

Miriana will take you through the entire process, step by step using her tried and tested method, outlined below, to ensure that all areas are covered and that you are at ease with every aspect.


You may wish to bring your own inspiration to the trial that you’ve gathered from magazines, photos, high fashion anything you would like to show and tell that assists with it all coming together. Miriana will use her abundance of experience and ingenuity to create an exclusive look that she is confident will exceed your expectations.


Once you’re 100% happy with what you see in the mirror, she will take detailed notes to ensure your look is accurately recreated on your wedding day. She will also create a timeline of when the pampering is to start/finish and address any other concerns that may need to be factored in.

This approach will ensure the big day will go as planned without a hitch, leaving you to enjoy the day in a tranquil ambience knowing all has been accounted for.

All trials are conducted at MBK’s Peakhurst Studio at a mutually convenient time that suits both parties.

Trials usually take between 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of your makeup look.

Taking care of my brides and their bridesmaids plus anyone else who wants to look special on the day is what makes my job so very rewarding. When I arrive for the wedding my brides greet me like a friend and this warm, welcoming attitude creates a lovely atmosphere for the day ahead.

What to expect at your Makeup Trial

Step One: Style

Firstly, we shall discuss the style and overall look you would like to achieve by going over your hairstyle, the neckline of your gown, theme of the wedding, intricate details of lace/pearls/crystals etc and whether or not you’re looking for a traditional, modern or vintage look.

We also cover the different styles of makeup; for example, my version of smokey eye is different to your version.  Everyone has a different interpretation of specific looks so it’s important that we’re both on the same page.

Step Two: The Theme

Secondly, we’ll go through the colour theming of your entire wedding. From the colour of your gown to the colours carried in your bouquet to the colours worn by your bridal party and featured throughout your wedding and reception. This step is to ascertain whether or not you would like your eyeshadow colours to be incorporated to match or contrast the dresses and we’ll also assess the colour of hair, eyes and skin tone to come up with the perfect palette for your look.

Step Three: Foundation

To begin with, I will start off with the sheerest form of foundation, gradually working up to reach the desired level of coverage. This ensures your foundation is exactly the way you want it to be as coverage really is a matter of personal preference.  

If you’re unsure, I will give you my professional opinion and advise my own recommendation, however, you’re free to decide exactly the level of cover you want. Once the desired level of coverage is reached we then move onto the next stage.

Step Four: Eyes

I will make up one eye in one shadow colour and the other eye in a different shade of colour to allow you to choose which one you like best. Many customers will come to me with a look they’ve seen in a magazine; however, whilst happy to re-create that look for you, there may be a better option for your colourings. This allows you to step out of your comfort zone and find out exactly what suits your features.

By looking at a few different options, we’ll eliminate any uncertainties those niggling thoughts at the back of your mind which keep you awake at night, wondering if you’ve made the right decision. You may be surprised, sometimes the look you had in mind originally isn’t the one you end up choosing as you find you prefer different possibilities.
By doing multiple looks we can determine not only what you will be having but what the bridesmaids will also have on the day. If you have a pre-wedding shoot booked in with your photography package, we can also decide the look/style you’d like for that as well, ticking off the list of things to consider all at the same time.

Step Five: Highlighting and Contouring

Whilst it has recently become trendy, highlighting and contouring is something that makeup artists have been using for years to help shape, sculpt and define the face. I will use a variety of products and techniques to accentuate your best features and unique face shape. 

Step Six: Cheeks

Much like your eyes, everyone has a different preference when it comes to blush. I will show you different looks on each cheek to decide which you prefer (pink, bronze, peach) there is a huge selection of hues.

We can also determine if you’d like to highlight your cheek bone with some shimmer/glimmer.  This will subtly illuminate that area of the face and can have a beautiful effect.

Step Seven: Lips and Lashes

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to lips - whether you like liner, lipstick, gloss, lacquer, matte, shiny, natural, nude or bold and bright, we will discover what works best for you and your overall look. 

When it comes to lashes, I am a little biased as I do feel they complete the whole look. In saying that; the choice is yours! We'll discuss the pros and cons as well as the style choices; individual soft and fluttery vs strip dramatic and glamorous.